Quarter Beef ~ Great Deal
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Quarter Beef

Our standard cut is the favorite among our customers. Your beef will be cut, vacuum packed in clear cryovac packaging, labeled according to cut, flash frozen fresh, and then delivered to your door.

1/4 Beef Standard Cut:

2 Filet Steaks (approximatly 1.75" thick)

4 New York Steaks (approximatly 1.25" thick)

4 Sirloin Steaks (approximatly 1" thick)

2 Rib or Ribeye Steaks (approximatly 1.5" thick)

8 Cube Steaks (2 packages of 4 steaks each)

8 Roasts

4 Soup Bones

2 Short Ribs

4 Stew Meat or Stir Fry Meat

1/4 Brisket

1/2 Flank

30 -1Pound Packages of Ground Beef


$125 Deposit

$4.85/lb rail weight, averages 125lbs rail weight.

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Quarter Beef ~ Great Deal

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